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K2 Engineers Pvt Ltd is involved in providing end-to-end building solutions including real estate development, design, planning, execution and project promotion. We have executed over 100 projects in South and East of India over a span of 27 years. Our projects are spread across a wide spectrum including residential apartments, villas, townships, commercial spaces, shopping complexes and industrial buildings.

We offer

Promoters/ Developers

We are one of the most preferred real estate promoters in Chennai with over 24 years of experience, committed to creating places to live that are precisely designed and cultivate wonderful life experiences, providing inclusiveness, comfort, and a sense of place. Since our inception in 1994, we have promoted different types of apartments / villas in Chennai spanning over lakhs of square feet.

With a focus on smart and practical construction, we pride ourselves on promoting flats and apartments that meet the highest standards of value and quality.

Project Management Consultancy

Our professionals generate solutions that not only look good on paper, but also work in practice. You’ll benefit from our extensive commercial real estate experience helping companies from a broad range of industries engineer the financial optimization of their commercial property.


We also undertake contracts for construction of residential, commercial and factory buildings.K2 Engineers utilizes a team of qualified professionals who have extensive industry experience for construction activities. Their market knowledge allows for the development of a highly accurate, market-specific, customized, and finely detailed estimate through the use of an extensive database of historical cost and pricing data, as well as market specific adjustment factors.


Architecture is the visual art which lays the stepping stone to any great building. Our dynamic team of architects can produce designs for all tastes and styles.Our designs try to inculcate ancient Indian sciences along with modern aesthetics to achieve beautiful and harmonious spaces. Sustainability and use of green technologies are given paramount importance.


K2 Enginers is having a combination of talents in planning, design, law, and real estate economics. We specialize in developing creative solutions to difficult land use, design, and development questions. We are particularly known for our expertise in plan implementation. We represent both public  and private sector clients on a variety of planning and design matters.

Interior Designers

We also do complete interior makeover for Kitchens,living spaces and front facades.It includes carpentry and cabinetry Civil Work with wall breaking & extensions ,window replacements – (With Maintenance Window coverings – Blinds, Curtains,Floor and Wall Tiles Wooden and Vinyl Flooring,Plumbing,Electrical,Painting.


B. Sudhir Kumar Jena, CFA

Mr. Sudhir Kumar Jena is a Chartered accountant by profession. He has vast experience of more than 25 years in banking and finance. He is one of the leading financial consultants in Chennai advising many corporates on their banking and financial matters.

C. Anita Jena

Anita is a graduate from Utkal University. Heavily gifted with people-management skills, she looks after the HR & Administration of the Company. 

Khiroda Kumar Jena

Mr. Khiroda Kumar Jena, who leads the company is a civil engineer by profession with more than 30 years of experience in the field of construction and real estate development. He is one of the most renowned social activists in town and is holds significant stakes in media and logistics.

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